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I met Brandi after finding her via Google search when I was only 8 weeks pregnant. I had an initial consultation with her and immediately knew she was the doula I needed for my pregnancy. I attended her pre-natal classes, she was my birth doula and she encapsulated my placenta. I am forever grateful for the compassion and knowledge Brandi shared with me throughout and shortly after my pregnancy. I had an extremely positive experience switching OBGYNs while pregnant, choosing a hospital to birth at, drafting a birthing plan, choosing a prenatal yoga program, learning about prenatal nutrition, learning how to use my breast pump, and being connected with La Leche League and the Lactation Care Center all happened because of Brandi’s thoughtful guidance and coaching. I felt safe and at ease throughout my labor and delivery with Brandi at my side. If I choose to have another child, I would undoubtedly want Brandi to be my doula again.

-Kate Flores

This is for the guys.. having someone with so much experience to give you confidence, advice and a physical assistance is worth so much! We had an amazing experience, so much knowledge.. it’s a most to have a doula you can trust!

- Alfredo Saavedra

Just finished our second class with Brandi Kennedy. To be complete honest, I LOVE Birth Boot Camp! We are going over so many things, and you can never be to prepared. If y’all are thinking about taking a course with Brandi, I say Hell Yeah!!

- Brenda Rodriguez

My husband and I decided to sign up for the Birth boot camp! BEST DECISION EVER! Totally recommend Brandi’s classes! She’s very knowledgeable, patient, and she really cares about her customers! I’m so happy we found her, this is our first baby so we’ve been learning a lot! Can’t wait to go back to our next classes.

- Nury Alejandra

My wife and i started this class with Brandi and i have to admit that i am learing a great deal, she is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend it!!!!

- Ramiro Fuentes

My husband and I decided very early on that we wanted to learn as much about birth as possible. Before these classes we sought out information from books, documentaries and online resources. While these were great we didn't feel as informed about birth as we would have liked. We had heard of Brandi as a doula and placenta encapsulator but it wasn't until we reached out to her that we learned about her Birth Boot Camp classes. We decided to sign up and boy (pun intended) was this one of the greatest decisions we've made. We've learned so so so much about birth. Brandi's knowledge and experience in the birthing process is truly impressive and is reflected in these classes. Now that we are on our last birth class I don't know what we would have done if we wouldn't have taken her classes. We cannot say enough good things about Brandi and we cannot wait for her to be part of our birthing support system in January. Thank you Brandi!

- Jazmine Bonham

We are so grateful to Brandi and her class. We feel very prepared for the birth of our first child and we are grateful she is part of our birth team!

- Jaime Yang

What can I say about Brandi? She is AMAZING! She is very knowledgeable and a valuable asset to any pregnant woman or new mom. I am so grateful to have had her as my doula for both of my births. If you are considering hiring her as your doula, call her ASAP. She books up pretty quickly.

- Christa Roberts

Currently enrolled in Brandi's 10 week comprehensive birth class, and so far it has been wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and friendly, and has provided a lot of useful information. We highly recommend.

- Randy Morales

I’m so glad I took Brandi’s class. I feel very prepared for the birth and am excited to put into practice everything she taught us!

- Renee Sanchez-DeSmith

Brandi was such a supportive, strong, compassionate, and empowering birth partner. She helped me attain the birth I always wanted and was an essential member of my birth team. When I felt defeated, her words empowered me. Highly recommended - the Valley is so lucky to have her and her services!

- Melissa Terry

Brandi was recently our doula for the birth of our third child. I'd always wanted an unmedicated birth with the first two but ended up getting induced and epidurals. This time around I knew I needed a good team to reach my goal, and I found that in Brandi (and Holy Family). I took Birth Boot Camp online due to time/distance issues, but what really helped were her one on one sessions where she went over what my husband and I were learning. She is such a wealth of information on every aspect of the prenatal/postnatal process. And, she was extremely supportive in her role as doula. She was there when I needed her, offering countless comfort measures to help get me through the labor and afterward. Thank you, Brandi!

- Molly Hichens

Brandi is amazing!!!! We took her classes and asked her to be our doula! She also encapsulated my placenta, dried my umbilical cord into the word love, oh and also made an imprint of my placenta. She is amazing! After having three girls in a hospital setting we really wanted to experience a true natural water birth at the Holy Family Birth Center, but felt nervous about it. Brandi's presence put us at ease!

- Mayra Ramos

I can't even begin to explain how wonderful Brandi was as a doula for my wife and I. Going above and beyond is an absolute understatement as to how she served us. For those expecting, please consider having Brandi by your side for the birth of your sweet miracle. She will help in more ways than I could ever explain!

- Kennedy LeFave

We decided to take Brandi's Birth Boot Camp class and it was the best thing we could do as first time parents. Brandi gave us the knowledge we needed to go into labor and delivery without fear or anxiety but with preparation and comfort. We also hired her as our doula, and honestly she was amazing! She helped us throughout labor and delivery from beginning to end by providing excellent support! She has a great toolbox for any situation! I honestly don't know if I would have had the natural delivery I desired without Brandi's services. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and will definitely be calling Brandi again for baby #2! I highly recommend any of Brandi's services, especially for first time parents!

- Annie Amaya

After taking classes, I finally decided to hire Brandi as my doula and I highly recommend her for both! I was able to face my fear of pain during labor/delivery and avoid all types of interventions! I brought my baby girl into the world the way nature intended, no drugs, no pain medication, no surgery. It was a huge accomplishment for me and I truly believe I could not have done it without Brandi and her support! Her class helped me understand what happens to the body during labor and it helped demystify pregnancy, labor, and delivery for both me and my partner/birthing coach. It helped keep me on track with my nutrition, exercise, as well as to prepare, both physically and mentally, for the hardest, most rewarding experience of my life. Brandi is caring, kind, calm under pressure, knowledgable, experienced and most importantly, compassionate. She helped make my baby's birth, one to remember. I cannot recommend her enough! Definitely worth her weight in gold! Thanks, Brandi!!!

- Damarys Rodriguez

Taking classes with Brandi was the best thing we could have done to prepare for the birth of our son!!! We learned so much and Brandi was so supportive through our birth, even though she wasn't our Doula! Couldn't have asked for a better experience. I tell everyone to come to her classes and make her your Doula!!!!

- Michelle Martinez     

Scott and I were in Brandi's class as well as she was our doula. She was the rock we both needed to get through the birth of our first born. She is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, labor, and aftercare. She has essential oils, massage and pressure point techniques that made our labor easier. She is easy to speak to and she explains in words we could understand. I asked many random questions and even sent her pictures of bodily fluids and body parts at anytime of the day and night.

In addition to being our cheerleader, she was the strength we needed to get through the tough decision of an emergency cesarean. The combination of her and Dr. Lee is the only one I tell people about, not to mention Mcallen Medical Center.

We highly recommend her class as well as doula services. If we decide to expand our family, we will be calling her again. Thanks Brandi for providing this service for South Texas!

- Scott & Sonia Roeder

I have sat down numerous times to write this testimony but struggled due to feeling overwhelmed with emotion and unable to complete it. After experiencing traumatic births with my two other children I was set on hiring a doula to help me with my third. I enthusiastically managed to educate myself on everything having to do with pregnancy,diet, labor and delivery. In fact, I practiced hypno-birthing meditation daily and completed a Lamaze course. My husband and I were also students in Brandi's class. I wanted to "prepare" for our big day. However, no matter how much you prepare, babies decide on their own arrival.

Due to complications our sweet boy was born via C-section. This birth, hands down, was the most beautiful birth experience I had ever had. As I write this, I have tears in my eye remembering that precious moment. I NEVER thought bringing a person into the world could be like this. I was able to receive a "Natural C-Section" performed by Dr. Daniel Lee. Brandi was allowed into the surgical room to support my husband and I. We have some of the most amazing photos of our son making his way into the world. Photos we wouldn't have had otherwise. Afterwards, Brandi stayed to make sure I was well and all my needs were met. She visited us a couple times after we were released from the hospital. This experience was very healing for me. Should we ever be blessed with another child, Brandi will be there without a doubt.

- Bobi Nelson 

I always knew I wanted to have the most natural birth possible, however, I didn’t know how to get there. Late in my pregnancy I realized that my current doctor was not on board with my birth plan. That’s when I learned about Brandi and her services while looking for birth classes at the end of my second trimester. Brandi started a course to accommodate our schedule. Brandi also introduced us to the RGV’s birth community; this is when everything started falling into place and the chances of having a natural birth started to feel possible.

Brandi’s course helped my partner and I mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare for the birth of our son. I remember being in labor and remembering specific things I learned in class making labor much easier on me. The classes gave my partner the tools she needed to be a supportive and hand-on birth partner. She feels that if it were not for Brandi and her classes, she would have been lost and unable to provide as much comfort and support during the laboring process.

Brandi was also our birth doula and we credit much of our natural birth success to her. She was our rock during our emotional roller-coaster as we faced obstacles such as a breached baby, changing doctors at 7 months, 4 days of prodromal labor, posterior baby during labor, going 13 days past the EDD, and a expected high weight baby with the risk of shoulder dystocia due to gestational diabetes.

We cannot thank Brandi and her services enough. I would highly recommend her birthing classes and doula services to anyone looking for natural birth guidance and support.
- Krystal & Betsy Klein

I enthusiastically recommend Brandi as a doula. She accompanied and assisted my husband on the most important day for us and helped me accomplish my goal of having a natural delivery of our first child. Though we were never as sure about having a doula at our birth as we were about having a natural birth, I am so glad we made the decision to hire Brandi as our doula. Her presence at our son’s birth was invaluable. She met with us prior to the birth to go over our birth plan and discuss various birthing options. This helped us better understand what to expect once labor begin and helped ease any anxiety we had about the process.

As we neared our due date, Brandi was available as needed with any questions or concerns we had. She checked in with me regularly and provided support as needed. Once we went past our due date, we had another visit in which we discussed natural induction methods and she showed us various acupressure points. She was very flexible about meetings, personalizing the sessions for what I needed. I was feeling anxious by this time in large part because I had shown signs of pre-labor but still hadn’t started labor. So her visit and communication were very helpful to my husband and me.

A week past our due date, Brandi was a sounding board for us as we were getting various recommendations from our midwives on natural induction methods. As the days passed and still no baby, it was comforting to have her there to talk to. On the day our son finally arrived, Brandi was incredibly helpful. My labor started very strong and progressed rapidly. She came to our house right away and once she saw me and where I was in the process, she told my husband to pack the car so we could leave for the birth center. We were both unsure when would be the right time to go and didn’t want to get there too soon, so having her expertise on hand was very helpful.

Her presence was a huge relief to both my husband and I. There are so many things going on around a woman in labor, things to prepare, etc., that having Brandi there to help us out was immense. She never left my side once we got to the birthing center. She made sure I switched positions, stayed hydrated, and she made sure my husband stayed hydrated and cared for, too. Brandi made me feel very comfortable whether it was her massaging my back or providing words of encouragement. Having the encouragement and reassurance of another woman who had not only experienced childbirth herself, but also observed so many other births, was incredibly comforting and helped me stay calm and as relaxed as possible throughout labor.

I think Brandi would be a great educator and doula for anyone giving birth, regardless of her birthing preferences. I never felt judged by her for any of our preferences. She was very respectful of it being my birth and my baby. She worked flawlessly with my husband and the birthing center staff to usher our baby into the world. Anyone would be so lucky to have Brandi be a part of their child's birth.

- Amber VanSchuyver

Brandi's classes were well worth our time and money. Before getting pregnant, my husband and I had decided on having as natural a birth as possible, so we decided to take a course. I found Brandi online and highly recommend her course. She went through the birthing process in detail, outlining our different options and the potential positives/negatives of all the different options. I felt very comfortable asking questions and felt very prepared for childbirth after the course. Brandi was very easy to reach and flexible with her scheduling of our class. We met with Brandi weekly and the class was very comprehensive. Brandi was a very knowledgeable and thorough teacher. She was informative, but also quick to provide anecdotes about the various births she had assisted in as a doula.

- Amber VanSchuyver

My experience with Brandi Kennedy as my birth doula for my second baby was a very fortunate one. She trusted me and I trusted her. She became one with me during contractions, never left me alone and I felt as If I needed her to go through my labor. She was that important for me. Knowing that there is someone who empathizes with your process and pain makes all the difference in the world. She was caring, compassionate and positive. She remained calm and strong, just what I needed. I recommend all pregnant women who want a natural birth hire a doula. We do not have to have a traumatic experience, it is important to learn how to embrace pain, because like all things, it is temporary. Thanks so much Brandi, you will always mean the world to me. Someday I will tell Rebecca her birth story and you will be a very important part of it.

- Veronica Hernandez

With this being our first pregnancy, we had no idea what to expect. We read books, watched documentaries on birthing, but nothing prepared us more than the classes we took with Brandi Kennedy. Beyond that the actual birth of our baby, with Brandi being present definitely kept us at ease. Brandi helped us to have a dignified birth by making sure all healthcare professionals involved honored our birthing plan.

- Marie & Ruben Rodriguez

As a first time mom, I did not know what to expect. I had fears of the unknown and horror stories I'd heard from other women. Hiring Brandi as my Doula was the best gift I gave myself. Brandi never left my side and with her help I was able to birth my beautiful baby girl the way I had planned. I have such beautiful memories of delivering my baby girl! If Brandi would not have been present with me, during my delivery, I am positive that I would have had a c-section. I feel so blessed for finding Brandi & am grateful for all the time she spent with me.

- Marie Rodriguez

You can prepare as a husband to help your wife in any way you can during the birthing of your child. I can tell you that all the preparation in the world still does not take the fear and anxiety completely out of the equation. This whole experience, although stressful and difficult, was made so much easier with Brandi's help. I truly feel that my wife and I could not have had as beautiful an experience with our child's birth without our wonderful doula's help and support.

- Dr. Ruben Rodriguez

I took classes with Brandi before the birth of my first son in 2012. I had some health compilation with my pregnancy which were lessened by the healthy approaches I learned in class. Even though I ended up needing a c-section, I am convince that my baby was spared a premature delivery as a result of the education I receive. I am also please to report that due to the fact that my body experienced the majority of labor before I had a c-section I was an excellent position for a VBAC. I had my second son with Dr. Lee in 2014 with no intervention or IV fluids. It was beautiful and fairly quick. Without the Bradley classes I would not have been as well prepared to ensure the best possible outcomes for my two births. THANK YOU!

- Giona Kirby

As a first time mom everything was a mystery for me. So with the amazing

help of Brandi instead of wondering what was going to happen and how I was supposed to act, I enjoy the miracle of birth. She was supportive in every possible way,not only with me but also with my baby and my husband. So thanks for being with me in the best time of my life.

- Jessica Woolwich

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